A Story Told in Stone

A Decorated & Carved Block of Purple Sandstone that once adorned the People's National Bank Building in Waynesburg

A Story in Stone
The Greene County Historical Society Artifact of the Week


So often we have written of Native American Artifacts and told tales of ancient artifacts that have been recovered from deep beneath the soil.  Today we are revisiting a similar story.  However, we will change direction for a bit, and show an artifact that though old, is NOT ancient in origin.


If anyone drove past the Greene County Historical Society Museum this morning, you may have witnessed a large Crane in our Drive way.  It was here delivering our most recent acquisition. 


Recent Excavation work near the County Office Building, at the former site of the People’s National Bank Building uncovered an amazing Architectural Gem.  A large block of Purple Sandstone surfaced that was once a part of the People’s National Bank Building.  This specific slab of stone is carved with the words: “Peoples * Natl * Bank” in beautiful period lettering.


The People’s National Bank was founded in 1897, and in the very early 20th Century the bank purchased the Old Sherman Hotel on High Street.  By 1907, the old hotel had been dismantled, and a new bank building was standing.  The Grand Opening was on August 10th 1907.  This new building completed in 1907 was once adorned with this finely cut purple sandstone block.


After the Bank Closed, this building became the site of the County Offices from 1952 through 1989.


Known for years as Waynesburg’s Sky Scraper, this building, though now nonexistent will certainly be long remembered by the community as one of the significant buildings on high street.


This artifact from that very building was discovered by County Commissioner Blair Zimmerman, who helped to facilitate the donation of it to the Greene County Historical Society Museum from Waynesburg University and made the arrangements to have it delivered to our museum.  We would like to thank Commissioner Zimmerman, and Waynesburg University both for bringing us this important piece of our local history.


This piece of history is an incredible addition to our Collection, and will help keep the memory of one of Waynesburg’s Monumental Buildings alive for years to come. 

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