The Improved Order of the Red Men

The Improved Order of the Red Men


What Organization that once Existed in Greene County can trace its History all the way back to the Boston Tea Party and the Son’s of Liberty?


That’s a very interesting question, and one we could not answer here at the Greene County Historical Society until yesterday!

We receive new additions to our collections on a regular basis, from time to time some of those items stand out as something extremely interesting, unusual, or rare.  


Today’s artifact seems to encapsulate all of these qualities!


Donated by Shelly Major and Sherry Cumberledge, this item is a post card, inviting a member of the “Improved Order of the Red Men” to a meeting being held sometime in the early 1900s. 


Unfortunately most of the writing is faded and as a result is illegible, but it is still an extremely interesting artifact.


Our Research took us on a fascinating Journey throughout History!


The origins of the Red Men, come from a group of disenchanted members of the Sons of Liberty (Orchestrators of the Boston Tea Party) who formed the philanthropic society of “Red Men”.   The Red Men took their cue from the actual Boston Tea Party and often dressed in Native Regalia at their Meetings.  


Though the society had its ups and downs throughout history, and has changed it’s names during different periods of revival, it still exists today, and had over fifteen thousand members as of 2011.  The Society has always been known for its values of temperance and morality.


This specific card is for a meeting to be held in Waynesburg, and many of the newspapers from the mid to late 19th century talk much of the Red Men.  


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