1858 Enfield Rifles!

Greetings from the Greene County Historical Society!  This week we have another Artifact brought to you by Noah Tustin!


This week we will be featuring not one, but TWO 1858 Enfield Rifles!


The 1858 Enfield, was designed by RSAF Enfield, produced in England and largely used during the Civil War.  Approximately 1.5 Million of these rifles were produced.  They weighed in at 9.5 Lbs, and fired .557 rounds, or in more common terms a .58 Caliber round fired by percussion action. Measuring in at 55 inches, they were considered a light rifle for the time, and were often used in association with a bayonets.  


The Maximum affective range for the 1858 enfield was 1250 yards, which was quite good for the time, and an expert shooter could fire as many as 5 rounds a minute.  


These rifles saw actions in many conflicts, including:


The Indian Mutiny, The American Civil War, The Filibuster War, and the Crimean War.  


Often used to defend “High Ground” Positions, the Enfield proved to be quite an important and successful weapon during the American Civil War. 


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