The GCHS Presidential & Nationally Historic Collection!

Signature of George Washington, on a letter he wrote to the Governor of Pennsylvania in 1789! GCHS Collection.


Wow, all I can say is WOW!!!  This is a very special edition of the Artifact of the Week, in fact for this week we may be right to call it the artifact of the century!!!  Very few discoveries at the collections of the Greene County Historical Society have been as amazing as what we have found recently!  They are so amazing in fact, that we have decided to open our doors for one evening to showcase what we have found!  On Saturday, April 13th at 6PM, please come out and join us for our first event of the year!!!  The Greene County Historical Society is inviting you out to meet some of our new staff and board members, and for a BEHIND THE SCENES tour of the museum!!!  After the tour, for that evening only, we will be exhibiting a collection of letters and documents that are of National Historic Importance!!! 

Our Amazing Discoveries include, a letter from George Washington, dated August 30th 1789 to the Governor of Pennsylvania, A letter from Patrick Henry dated February 23rd 1786 also to the Governor of Pennsylvania, a Certificate from the American Philosophical Society, an organization still in existence that was founded by Benjamin Franklin, and this certificate dated January 20th 1786 is also signed by Benjamin Franklin, as well as several other notable figures in history.   We also found a letter written by Abraham Lincoln on February 11th 1865, to William Staunton, the Secretary of War!  We have also discovered a photograph of President William Howard Taft at a home in Waynesburg that was signed and inscribed by President Taft in addition to a Certificate Issued and Signed by President Grover Cleveland!  Lastly, we discovered documents and a ledger captured from the Mexican Army, in the Mexican American War that contains trial accounts among other items of great historical interest!!!


The contents of these letters are nothing short of staggering!  The Washington letter mentions a survey and an “Indian Treaty” however the Henry letter is of the greatest importance, it mentions a delegation of Men being sent to the Annapolis Convention, which was the first step that led towards creating the Constitution of the United States!  The Annapolis Conference was intended to establish Trade Regulations after an issue between Virginia and Maryland, and the report from that convention initiated the Constitutional Convention!!!  Crazy Stuff!


This is the kick start of our Season!  Please come out on the 13th to view these amazing documents, and get a behind the scenes tour of the museum.  We have been making leaps and bound getting the museum ready, and are looking forward to giving you a preview of what to expect on opening day, April 27th 2019!!!


The Photos shown here are the signatures, from the Washington, Henry, Franklin and Lincoln Documents!!! 


We hope to see you on April 13th at 6PM to share these wonderful items with you and give you a bit of the history behind them to showcase their national importance!  Admission for this night is free, however donations are always appreciated!!!

Signature of Patrick Henry, on a letter he wrote to the Governor of Pennsylvania in 1786 - GCHS Collection
Signature of Benjamin Franklin on a American Philosophical Society Certificate dated 1786 - GCHS Collection
Signature of Abraham Lincoln, dated months before his assination, 1865 - GCHS Collection

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